what do you need?

Copy is like bananas. Most people say they’re gonna use the bananas. The bananas sit. They get speckled. “Oh, I’ll make banana bread,” people say. The bananas turn brown. “On Thursday, for sure,” people say. The bananas turn black. “Crap,” people say. Those bananas never had a chance.

Don’t be like those people. Get the words you need. And throw out those soupy bananas.


(AKA Deep Cleaning and Redecorating)

I edit for consistency and correctness in:

  • spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • appearance/formatting
  • clarity and sense
  • tone, style, and diction
  • purpose
  • logical presentation/development

The result is succinct, effective language that speaks to your ideal audience and is a pleasure to read and easy to understand.


(AKA Local, Made-From-Scratch Biscuits)

This is made-to-order, fresh-out-of-the-oven writing for your project. We talk about your vision and the context. You may accidentally tell me your life story, which I will love, by the way. Then I run into the sunset (figuratively) to write.

The result is the three things you’ve been looking for all along: a captive audience, informed prospects, and sales growing out of your ears like hair.

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If you can think and speak and write, you are absolutely deadly. Nothing can get in your way…It’s the most powerful weapon you can possibly provide someone with.

– Jordan Peterson


I write words for the relentless.