The image on the left might show how you feel.

You’ve got a big unrealized dream, a bursting-out-of-your-chest heart, a mostly round head chock-full of ideas, 6 stick fingers and toes, and a frown as wide as your arms.

All because you need words and you don’t got ’em.

You’re one person, with 3,482,235 things to do on the daily and not enough seconds to do it, especially writing about or for your business — coming up with the words to:

grab the attention of your audience,

educate them,

explain what the heck it is that you do, what you care about, and how you can help them;

build a loyal following,

show your expertise,

give clients worthwhile, actionable information,

stay top of mind,

pull all the people’s heartstrings,

make mucho dinero,

and bring the thing you’ve imagined — on the toilet, in the shower, when you’re plodding down the street, and when you lie awake at night — into being.

Maybe you have words, but they’re like Jell-O: wobbly and flimsy…and when the heat is on, they’re as helpful as a gooey puddle.

Maybe you can’t tell a story or create a hook or write sales copy to save your knees.

Big whoop. You’re not a failure; you just have too much on your Pacific-sized plate and your field of genius is something else entirely. That’s why you’re here reading this right?

You need to focus on what you’re great at and farm the writing part out, like any sane, smarty-pants would do.

A great copywriter gives you:

more room to breathe,

a solid foundation for marketing your business,

the clarity only a carefully honed, strategic message can capture,

and everything else in that delicious first list above.

(If you use the wheely thing on your mouse, you can read it again.)

Contact me. If we’re not a great fit, I won’t waste our time pretending. We’re busy people, right?