For Anyone Who Needs a Laugh

(which is everyone)

First: A hysterical article with some pretty stellar advice for the lazy writer in all of us.

Second: A clip from a masterful 90s show. Heck, anything with John Lithgow is incredible, amiright?

Last: The stellar definition of this highly adaptable phrase:

Don’t stop laughing. Some people might tell you laughter in a difficult situation is inappropriate, that it minimizes the suffering going on around you. But laughter is an investment in something beyond what you can see, all the predictions of doom and destruction. It is a remembrance of what makes life worth living and what connects us as humans. If we stop laughing, finding happiness and joy in small things, then the darkness really is as big and strong as we’ve made it out to be. Joy is the strongest force to counteract inner bleakness and despair. It’s a way of taking the reins and beating back the assault of overwhelm. Keep finding reasons to laugh.

Now, will somebody please hit me up? I’ve run out of crappy Buzzfeed tweet compilations. Thank you.

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