Fear: Running into the Dark Part 2

Many people hate being single. I am not one of them. I could argue that’s due to a strength of character and admirable dependence on self, a usually undeterred cheerfulness, and a solid internal relationship. It is. I could explain that it’s based on my relationship experience being summed up by the word “agony” and … Continue reading Fear: Running into the Dark Part 2

Hope Revisited: The Agony of Desire

I think you know this. I think you know the ache so deep it swells up until your throat throbs, until your body threatens to fracture with longing. I think you know how to tuck (or shove) everything back down before you walk out of the bathroom stall, wake your children, or begin the business … Continue reading Hope Revisited: The Agony of Desire

Hope Is a Setup, One Way or Another

Living in hope necessitates an effort toward imagining a better future. It requires our investment in the tangible ways we can make that future happen and the psychological/emotional ways we open ourselves to it as a possibility. It requires imagination that may even seem outside our ability to fathom. If your experiences, perhaps even your … Continue reading Hope Is a Setup, One Way or Another

The Imperceptible Nature of Growth

Change is borne out of a million different interactions, thought pattern adjustments, minute transformations, moments of healing, challenges, encouragements, affirmations, and simply acts of love and acceptance. It is found in a word, or phrase, a strong wind against our face, a walk, a question, and yes, even watching a seed sprout. Growth is a cumulative process.

Make Hope Louder

We have a propensity, perhaps even a love affair, with giving the negative a bullhorn. Every frustration, doubt, grief, and despair is given voice through social media, news, texts, e-mails, and even the narrative in our minds. In fact, I would submit that this is such a common occurrence, a widely accepted approach, we rarely … Continue reading Make Hope Louder