Hope Is a Setup, One Way or Another

Living in hope necessitates an effort toward imagining a better future. It requires our investment in the tangible ways we can make that future happen and the psychological/emotional ways we open ourselves to it as a possibility. It requires imagination that may even seem outside our ability to fathom. If your experiences, perhaps even your … Continue reading Hope Is a Setup, One Way or Another

The Lie of Enough: Shame in our Perceived Lack

For most people, culture is virtually indistinguishable from truth. Whatever is normal is best. Whatever is socially acceptable is right. Whatever is valued or sought after as a society is good; that which is eschewed is bad. Besides the faulty logic of this approach, there are deeper, insidious impacts. These assumptions, these unchallenged standards and … Continue reading The Lie of Enough: Shame in our Perceived Lack

Make Hope Louder

We have a propensity, perhaps even a love affair, with giving the negative a bullhorn. Every frustration, doubt, grief, and despair is given voice through social media, news, texts, e-mails, and even the narrative in our minds. In fact, I would submit that this is such a common occurrence, a widely accepted approach, we rarely … Continue reading Make Hope Louder